PNW Power Hour

The Pacific Northwest. The Mecca of Hipsterdom. The Land of Flannel. The PNW holds the distinction of being the Plymouth rock the counter-culture movement. The rainy west coast fostered an environment for the Hipster biome to flourish. We’re talking beards, flannels, and coffee everywhere. Check out the infographic below to learn about Hipsters of the Continue reading PNW Power Hour

Captain Hindsight

The Kickstarter campaign raised $4,526 and was supported by over 30 backers. I think that’s pretty neat. From the bottom of my heart, and my Birkenstocks, thank you for supporting me by subscribing to the newsletter, reading the blog posts, donating to the Kickstarter, sharing the campaign on social media and sending words of encouragement. Continue reading Captain Hindsight

The Cost of Hipsters

Being a hipster is fairly expensive. Between all the single-origin, iced coffees and ethically sourced clothing, costs add up. Turns out, self-publishing a hipster book is no exception. This is why I’ve decided to crowd-fund Hipsters Having a Bad Day. Let’s break this thang on down. Crowdfunding: The practice of funding a project or venture Continue reading The Cost of Hipsters